rolltogether_17Hello everyone!

We are back with our first summer session! This time it took us a bit longer to decide which location would be best to host our 17th session. Yes, it’s our 17th session and we are still doing this shit cause we love this shit.

After our last session we decided to do an online-voting on our facebook page We asked our facebook-community to vote for their personal desired location or venue of the next rollTogether session. During this time we pulled in a vast quantity of votes. Thanks again for all your great contributions! However, in the end it was Dresden that was voted the most! So we responded to the call of our online community and scheduled the next session for August 6th 2011 at the five star concrete skateapark in Dresden.

Join us on the trip to Dirty Dresden - you are more than welcome to follow our tour van! (More details on this coming soon!) So if you want to experience Europe’s biggest rolling session within a relaxed atmosphere, make sure to plan your trip right now!

Meet your old buddies and meet some new homies. For this session we have set up another jam-packed program for you including

  • a “hidden trick”- award session
  • the “Rookie-of-the-day”-award
  • different Prize raffles
  • Free test product sessions
  • Free Energy Drinks
  • Music


And of course, we will bring our photographers and filmers to Dresden to shoot and film your best tricks! (Take a look at our edits and pictures from our previous sessions.) And last but not least you are able to roll within Europe’s biggest rolling session. What’s better than that?

We are looking forward to meeting all of you in Dresden to celebrate Rollerblading and the summer season to its fullest.

Tighten your screws, call your best friends, organize your trip and be part of the rollTogether-movement.
From Address:
Text: Luca Gobbo - Video: Kai Schmitz - Photos: Lars Echterhoff
20110129_rollTogether16Eindhoven_045When we go to a rolltogether we immediatly feel the good vibe flowing from the skaters. We showed up a bit late to the event and were excited to see the park full of bladers tearing it up. After a few hours of skating, Maik started turned the event into an "award session", so everybody was throwing down hard - to get some frames, DVDs, t-shirts and more!
The rollTogether guys came up with a new format during the event which they called the "Hidden-Trick-Session.” Maik would select a trick on the iphone grindhouse app and if you did this “secret” trick you could win something nice. Towards the beginning it took too long, so Maik started giving some hints. I really liked the good vibe behind this whole session. Skaters were being awarded for the great tricks they were doing and everybody was just feeding of off it. Maik did not call out hard tricks the entire time either; skaters could win some great stuff by just skating chill.
Towards the end of the session it was announced that Sven Boekhorst had another contest in mind. It was a race contest and the grand prize was a brand new TRS Rollerblade. So they set up a special route through the park and the first one who touched a red box near the miniramp, after speeding through the marked route, would advance to the finals. Each run consisted of 5 bladers with a total of 5 runs. The winner of each run qualified for the final race in order to compete for the grand prize. I think this race was the highlight of the day. Each skater was highly motivated and the whole skatepark motivated the contest. After several brutal slams we had a champion eventually reaching the red box and winning the brand new TRS Rollerblades. 
Check out the edit!
At the end of the day they announced the winner of ‘the rookie of the day’ award, which went to Luca Gobbo. The winner of the Toshiba HD Camera was Robin Bosgra and the Winterclash Wildcards went to Edwin Wieringh and Kenth Uldeval. After all it was another epic rollTogether session. Thanks to Maik and his team for supporting our industry so well.

Here comes the official rollTogether promo edit. Make sure you don't forget about the rollTogether #16 event taking place on January 29th. People from all over Europe will join us for the event again.

And of course we have once again prepared a jam-packed program for you:

- Win two Winterclash Wildcards
- "hidden trick"-award
- "Rookie-of-the-day"-Award
- "Sideshow Rodeo"-Europe premiere
- Free energy drinks
- Special prizes

and of course several photographers and filmers will be there to shoot and film your best tricks!

You can also win the brand new Toshiba Camileo BW10 at the session. See what you can do with this camera here. Win your own Camileo at the rollTogether #16 session.

We are looking forward to meet you at the Area51 in Eindhoven for Europe's biggest rolling session. And as you can see above, you have the chance to win one of two Winterclash Wildcard at the rollTogether #16. For those of you that want to compete at the comp, but haven't got any tickets yet (Winterclash is sold out), this is your last chance to compete. What do you have to do to get a Wildcard? Just roll and convince us you will do good at the Clash!

Book your trip right now, you won't forget it. Our sponsors (Grindhouse, theConference, Be-Mag, Razors, Gibbon Slacklines, Ucon, Rollerblade, Swankrolling) have send us a lot of goodies for you!

See you in Eindhoven. Enjoy the trailer.

Googles Chrome Webbrowser gains more and more important. For the most of us, the World Wide Web turned into an everyday companion. This is based on the facts, that the web offers everyday more and more webbased applications that were traditionally caught in in our desktops with no way out, no way to interact with our friend, work mates or followers.
In the future, this situation will turn radically. Applications move into the web. Everyday, somewhere in the web another new great idea get born.
Google offers a browser, that was formed to stay at one height with these fast growing webbased applications. Chrome! Chrome is way fast in parsing HTML, interpreting JavaScript and armed to handle simple ways to manage your favorite apps in the cloud.
Throw your slow explorer away, ban the dirty, memory hungy, burning fox from your computer and dont get lost on a safari (safari uses the same quick render engine named webkit, but misses a lot of chromes features.) and get a piece of Chrome on your computer! (It does not matter which OS you use.)
rollTogether is available as App at the Google Web Store!
...or just follow these short steps:
1) If you do not have googles master piece Chrome, download it here:
2) Now go to: and first rate and then install the rollTogether App.
„Back to the roots!“ is this years Winterclash mission statement and so is ours! As we did it with the last rollTogether in Eindhoven, we are going to host another session right before the famous Winterclash! So Area51 will not only host one of the biggest competitions but also the biggest session within less than a month! 
And it would be a shame to not have Winterclash related content for the rollTogether #16 session! In cooperation with Jojo Jacobi we’ll offer two Winterclash Wildcards that’ll bring you directly into the semi-finals. 
Along with that, we are about to introduce another great addition for our number 16: the „Hidden trick Session“! We’ll randomly pull out cards with trick names on it off a box and the first guy that does this trick in a session, without knowing the trick, will get some free stuff! 
We will once again have a lot of free goods from our sponsors to hand out and we are proud to announce, that this well-known energy drink will be available for free at the event!
We're also honored to welcome a new sponsor from outside the rollerblading business! They were kind enough to sponsor one of their newest inventions, a water-resistant full HD camera of the size of a cellphone as one of our main prizes for that day!
On top of all that, we will be premiering „Sideshow Rodeo“, the latest Be-Mag release, at the skatepark's bar after the session has ended. 
Be prepared for yet another unforgettable day of fun, rollerblading, smiling faces, old and new friends and the vibe of an incomparable session!
Take further information from our flyer or feel free to drop us a line via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Also check out to have a look at the coverage of previous sessions and to get an insight into the world of rollTogether!
Check out the edits below featuring the rollTogether #8 session at the Area51-skatepark (Eindhoven) in 2009:
Our media partner Be-Mag provided us some free copies of their latest release "Sideshow Rodeo". We are gonna premiere this new Rollerblading flick right after the session in the Area51 bar. So make sure to join us for a drink at the bar while watching David Sizemore, Michael Braud, Adam Ehalt, Julian Bah and many more shredding it up in Sideshow Rodeo. Here is an exclusive trailer:

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