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Lars - rollTogether

Das ist ein Test. Kann ich Artikel einstellen? Was passiert?

rollTogether is social! Why?

rollTogether supports social networking

Its as simple as easy: We want you to spread our word. We want you to be proud of what you do and what you believe in. We want you, to show your world what rollerblading is!

rollTogether is proud to be a part of rollerblading and we keep the hard work to push rollerblading, to push you, as hard as we can.

So, if you are proud to be a rollerblader and want to show your world a small part of rollerblading, take the easiest way. Just hit one of the many share buttons (AddThis_Social_Bookmark_Button) and click on the icon of your community where you want to spread the word!


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Follow us at twitter or make a friendship with us at any of the platform next to the "SUBSCRIBE TO US" box.

We will always offer you the most comfortable way to stay in touch with us.

Communication matters!


Hi there, this is Lars from rollTogether. As some of you may know, I keep the techThings and #photography for #rollTogether. I'm am very excited about the changes the communication takes these time. The web grows as fast as sh*t and the services that *should* be used pop out of nothing and disapear the same way.

Let me tell you something about twitter and your use for this service.


rtg_icon_200pxWe decided to move a part of our communication over to facebook. This is also a first step in our whole redesign process for 2010. But dont be afraid: This affects just the visual communication, the sessions will stay greater as usual. Jump over to facebook and give us some love:

...and if you are one of those people who is always up with the lates shit, we invented a new form of communication just to fulfill your needs: We called it twitter and you may want to join us there: So lets stay connected. Hope to see you in Hamburg.


Lars - rollTogether Team