Text: Konni Harmanus - Video: Kai Schmitz - Photos: Lars Echterhoff

"The reunion of the generations"

One day I was contacted by German streetskater legend Patrick Smith via Facebook. In former times I already had a lot of fun with him at the German Championships. He told me about the 19th rollTogether taking place in Duisburg. I decided to be part of the session to celebrate my wife’s birthday (she rollerblades too) right there and to see old friends and newcomers. The day started rainy and the weather forecast was not really good. Amazingly in the end it was we've had the best weather. As me and some of the Frankfurt Blading Crew arrived in the Rheinpark I noticed a tasty square handrail close to the skatepark. I forgot about it a few seconds later since I paid - at least at that time - more attention to the new and old faces showing up at the skatepark. Names like Jo Zenk, Daniel Gourkski, Eugen Enin, Cornelius Grunt and many other riders promised good action. It was unbeatable to hug friends from the older German generation like Roland Wander, Patrick Smith, Marco Herbst, Kimi, Matthäus Parobeck, Maik Lojewski, Patrick Ridder and Andre Lepszy. When Olli Nermerich from BE-Mag came with a nice Soundbox the session really started. The German scene doesn't have to hide away. We've got big talents! USD’s Eugen Enin demonstrated amongst others. If street or park, both are his elements. Was it a 900 transfer at the quarter, or an inspin or outspin topsoul down the ledge. It made fun to look at him. Chimera rider Patrick Ridder made a very stylish 180 over the fun box, but near the end he turned to an unexpected latespin 360! Immediately I saw a big guy. Maybe I knew his face before but I definetely talked to him on the phone many years ago. It was Cornelius Grunt, a customer from a skateshop I worked for in the past. However he skated like a young rookie and made every spot to his own! He made one switch up after another down the skatepark rail like it was nothing.

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Finally they played at the square handrail that got my attention when I arrived.

I was afraid of the rail nobody really wanted to skate the whole day. "Rookie of the day" Cornelius made a nice AO Pornstar, Smith topsouled it and I was very glad to lace AO Topsoyal before the old man session started at the bowl. "Rampenkasper (Rampclown) Rollo", Lepszy, Maik Lojewski, Parobeck, and many more made a lot of fun oldschool tricks.

It was a really good day. People were cool, nice location along the river and hard tricks.

Congratulations to the Rookie-winner Cornelius Grunt!

Best regards,

Konni Harmanus


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