Text: Luca Gobbo - Video: Kai Schmitz - Photos: Lars Echterhoff
20110129_rollTogether16Eindhoven_045When we go to a rolltogether we immediatly feel the good vibe flowing from the skaters. We showed up a bit late to the event and were excited to see the park full of bladers tearing it up. After a few hours of skating, Maik started turned the event into an "award session", so everybody was throwing down hard - to get some frames, DVDs, t-shirts and more!
The rollTogether guys came up with a new format during the event which they called the "Hidden-Trick-Session.” Maik would select a trick on the iphone grindhouse app and if you did this “secret” trick you could win something nice. Towards the beginning it took too long, so Maik started giving some hints. I really liked the good vibe behind this whole session. Skaters were being awarded for the great tricks they were doing and everybody was just feeding of off it. Maik did not call out hard tricks the entire time either; skaters could win some great stuff by just skating chill.
Towards the end of the session it was announced that Sven Boekhorst had another contest in mind. It was a race contest and the grand prize was a brand new TRS Rollerblade. So they set up a special route through the park and the first one who touched a red box near the miniramp, after speeding through the marked route, would advance to the finals. Each run consisted of 5 bladers with a total of 5 runs. The winner of each run qualified for the final race in order to compete for the grand prize. I think this race was the highlight of the day. Each skater was highly motivated and the whole skatepark motivated the contest. After several brutal slams we had a champion eventually reaching the red box and winning the brand new TRS Rollerblades. 
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At the end of the day they announced the winner of ‘the rookie of the day’ award, which went to Luca Gobbo. The winner of the Toshiba HD Camera was Robin Bosgra and the Winterclash Wildcards went to Edwin Wieringh and Kenth Uldeval. After all it was another epic rollTogether session. Thanks to Maik and his team for supporting our industry so well.