rolltogether_17Hello everyone!

We are back with our first summer session! This time it took us a bit longer to decide which location would be best to host our 17th session. Yes, it’s our 17th session and we are still doing this shit cause we love this shit.

After our last session we decided to do an online-voting on our facebook page We asked our facebook-community to vote for their personal desired location or venue of the next rollTogether session. During this time we pulled in a vast quantity of votes. Thanks again for all your great contributions! However, in the end it was Dresden that was voted the most! So we responded to the call of our online community and scheduled the next session for August 6th 2011 at the five star concrete skateapark in Dresden.

Join us on the trip to Dirty Dresden - you are more than welcome to follow our tour van! (More details on this coming soon!) So if you want to experience Europe’s biggest rolling session within a relaxed atmosphere, make sure to plan your trip right now!

Meet your old buddies and meet some new homies. For this session we have set up another jam-packed program for you including

  • a “hidden trick”- award session
  • the “Rookie-of-the-day”-award
  • different Prize raffles
  • Free test product sessions
  • Free Energy Drinks
  • Music


And of course, we will bring our photographers and filmers to Dresden to shoot and film your best tricks! (Take a look at our edits and pictures from our previous sessions.) And last but not least you are able to roll within Europe’s biggest rolling session. What’s better than that?

We are looking forward to meeting all of you in Dresden to celebrate Rollerblading and the summer season to its fullest.

Tighten your screws, call your best friends, organize your trip and be part of the rollTogether-movement.
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