„Back to the roots!“ is this years Winterclash mission statement and so is ours! As we did it with the last rollTogether in Eindhoven, we are going to host another session right before the famous Winterclash! So Area51 will not only host one of the biggest competitions but also the biggest session within less than a month! 
And it would be a shame to not have Winterclash related content for the rollTogether #16 session! In cooperation with Jojo Jacobi we’ll offer two Winterclash Wildcards that’ll bring you directly into the semi-finals. 
Along with that, we are about to introduce another great addition for our number 16: the „Hidden trick Session“! We’ll randomly pull out cards with trick names on it off a box and the first guy that does this trick in a session, without knowing the trick, will get some free stuff! 
We will once again have a lot of free goods from our sponsors to hand out and we are proud to announce, that this well-known energy drink will be available for free at the event!
We're also honored to welcome a new sponsor from outside the rollerblading business! They were kind enough to sponsor one of their newest inventions, a water-resistant full HD camera of the size of a cellphone as one of our main prizes for that day!
On top of all that, we will be premiering „Sideshow Rodeo“, the latest Be-Mag release, at the skatepark's bar after the session has ended. 
Be prepared for yet another unforgettable day of fun, rollerblading, smiling faces, old and new friends and the vibe of an incomparable session!
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Check out the edits below featuring the rollTogether #8 session at the Area51-skatepark (Eindhoven) in 2009:
Our media partner Be-Mag provided us some free copies of their latest release "Sideshow Rodeo". We are gonna premiere this new Rollerblading flick right after the session in the Area51 bar. So make sure to join us for a drink at the bar while watching David Sizemore, Michael Braud, Adam Ehalt, Julian Bah and many more shredding it up in Sideshow Rodeo. Here is an exclusive trailer: