Googles Chrome Webbrowser gains more and more important. For the most of us, the World Wide Web turned into an everyday companion. This is based on the facts, that the web offers everyday more and more webbased applications that were traditionally caught in in our desktops with no way out, no way to interact with our friend, work mates or followers.
In the future, this situation will turn radically. Applications move into the web. Everyday, somewhere in the web another new great idea get born.
Google offers a browser, that was formed to stay at one height with these fast growing webbased applications. Chrome! Chrome is way fast in parsing HTML, interpreting JavaScript and armed to handle simple ways to manage your favorite apps in the cloud.
Throw your slow explorer away, ban the dirty, memory hungy, burning fox from your computer and dont get lost on a safari (safari uses the same quick render engine named webkit, but misses a lot of chromes features.) and get a piece of Chrome on your computer! (It does not matter which OS you use.)
rollTogether is available as App at the Google Web Store!
...or just follow these short steps:
1) If you do not have googles master piece Chrome, download it here: http://www.google.com/chrome
2) Now go to: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gfbgobipmefbaaekmhofdjjilalfgljp and first rate and then install the rollTogether App.