Welcome to rollTogether! The purpose of this website (or project) is to bring rollerbladers from different countries together to form a tight community of people that share the passion for Rollerblading. Through this website we organize sessions every three months at a different spot or skatepark - somewhere in Europe. Each session and location will be announced well in advance - here on this website.

The crux: A professional photographer and a filmer will join each session. Pictures taken during those sessions will be posted on this website. Our personal filmers will try to make a sweet edit of each session which will be shown here as well. On each event we will give out prizes donated by our lovely sponsors to support especially new talents, but also to support the amateurs, the old-school-rippers and of course the pros.

So this website is addressed to all kinds of aggressive rollerbladers:

- So if you are a rollerblader that quit rollerblading a while ago and try to get back into it - please come and join our session.

- If you are a rollerblader who skates for a while or skates professionally - please come and join our session.

- If you have never rollerbladed before, but want to get into it - you are welcome anytime! Come and join our session!